March 30, 2023

Why should you take your child to a dentist?

Liverpool is a famous Australian city situated in Sydney’s south-western suburbs, between Western Sydney and the lower hills of the Blue Mountains. It has a rapidly growing multicultural population. Parents in Liverpool are highly interested in providing the best opportunities for their children. They ensure that kids get good dental care from their early childhood days. A dentist in Liverpool offers all types of dental procedures to meet the needs of the patients. They are well equipped with modern facilities and skilled staff to detect and prevent oral health problems at the initial stage.

Importance of regular dental checkups for children

Prevents cavities and tooth decay

Children are easily affected by cavities and tooth decay. Regular dental checkups help to identify the problems at an early stage and prevent the conditions from worsening. Dentists fill the cavities, and teeth remain strong for a longer period. Neglected cavities may lead to a tooth infection and result in tooth extraction.

Avoids malocclusion

The spacing and position of the permanent teeth should be appropriate to avoid alignment problems. Dentists determine whether there is enough space for the teeth to grow and fit. They prevent improper position and eliminate the chance for a malocclusion. This condition is common in children with smaller jaws or with thumb-sucking habits.

Teaches good oral hygiene

Your child should be aware of oral hygiene from a very early age. Dentists help them to do it by helping to pick a soft toothbrush that is gentle on their delicate gums. By taking children to a dentist regularly, they develop a good attitude towards oral hygiene and learn the importance of healthy teeth.

Supports healthy teeth development

As dentists ensure healthy teeth development, it is essential to take children to dentists once their baby teeth come out. When baby teeth are healthy, the permanent teeth will also be healthy and prevent additional orthodontic work in the future. When there is no proper care for baby teeth, they may fall out too soon, and the remaining teeth move out of their position.

Cleans plaque and tartar buildup

Even though children start brushing from the age of two years, they may not clean their teeth efficiently. Plaque and tartar may build on their teeth, and dentists clean them regularly. If the teeth are not cleaned, it may lead to the formation of cavities. Dentists remove the stains on the teeth and clean the grooves in the molar teeth.

Child’s first dental visit

It is necessary to take your child to the dentist from a very early age. During the first visit, the dentist examines your baby’s mouth to ensure that teeth grow and develop correctly. Dentists may give you tips for choosing a toothpaste and toothbrush for your child, ways to relieve teething discomfort, information on foods and drinks that cause cavities, and solutions to problems associated with thumb sucking and pacifier use.

Tips in teaching dental hygiene to kids

  • Allow children to pick a toothbrush of their choice, with their favourite colours.
  • Let the child pick a toothpaste with a flavour of their choice.
  • Use a timer to make sure that they brush for two minutes.
  • Give them a treat for following good oral care.
  • Plan fun activities after a visit to the dentist.

Finding a dentist in Liverpool for your child is not very difficult. Paediatric dentists are experts in treating the dental health issues of children. Take your child to a dentist regularly and help them have good dental health throughout their life.

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