March 30, 2023

Why are Mountain Biking Shoes different from Road Shoes?

Have you ever tried riding a bike on the road or rougher terrains wearing your regular sports shoes? Did you feel that it wasn’t offering you enough grip and comfort? Earlier, people did not pay much attention to the discomfort they experienced while riding a bike, but recently more options have evolved. And, there is an increased interest in buying biking shoes, not just among professional cyclists but also those who pursue it for recreation.

Now there is a difference between MTB shoes and regular shoes. But often people get confused while shopping for what they really need. So, when it comes to differentiating between mountain biking shoes and walking shoes, there is a vast difference that buyers must understand before investing in them. Below is a detailed description that serves as a guide on mountain shoes.

What are mountain shoes made for?

Mountain biking shoes are specially designed to perform in more rough conditions in comparison to road shoes. The types of grip you need in the shoes will depend on the types of pedals you use. Most mountain bikers will either prefer a shoe that is clipless or flats. Irrespective of which mountain bike shoes you pick, you will have a stiff sole and one that allows flexible movement. There are advantages of flat and clipless shoes that you are further going to explore in this article. Scroll down to know more about their features and benefits.

Advantages and features of flat pedal shoes

If you wear your ordinary road shoes for mountain biking, you will experience that your shoes would slip off the pedal as soon as it gets muddy or wet. The advantage you get with flat pedal shoes is that they offer you a grippy sole. If you are riding a mountain bike with platform pedals, the flat shoe sole will give you maximum grip and make it simpler for you to ride a bike.

The sticky rubber compound in a flat pedal shoe does not allow your shoes to slip away from the pedals. Even with sloppy mud on them, their performance is extraordinary. You will end up developing proper bike handling skills if you ride with a flat pedal shoe. It gives you an excellent hold, especially when you are taking turns and sliding at corners.

Advantages and features of clipless shoes

When you read the term clipless, it can often be confusing to understand what it means. Back in the day, people used toe clips over the shoes to offer them additional grip and support. The toe clip pedals gave the rider more comfort while riding because they did not allow the foot to slip away from the pedal. However, with time clipless pedal shoes came in the picture, and it has better advantages than flat pedal shoes. The clipless shoes do not allow your feet to bounce off and give you more pedal efficiency, even in rough areas.

You would need some practice to perform in these shoes efficiently. But once you get the hang of using them, you won’t find any other option better than them.

Before you buy MTB shoes, you should consider looking for companies that have been making mountain biking shoes for many years. They know what a buyer looks for in a shoe and design their products accordingly. The cost of mountain biking shoes will vary depending on the sole you select and the shoe. So quickly make a comparison of the shoes that you have been eyeing, buy the one with the best reviews and ratings.

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