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Why a Screen Protector Is a Great yes please Smartphone Accessory

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If you’ve recently spent a lot of money on a new smartphone, you’re probably looking for accessories to protect it and help maintain it in tip-top shape. Alternatively, you could just be a self-aware klutz who recognises that your hands and fragile devices don’t mix.

Dropping your phone shouldn’t be a heart-inducing event, so you should buy the right protection for it. Aside from purchasing a phone case, you may also want to consider purchasing a screen protector for it.

The following are some compelling reasons you should get a top phone screen protector for your smartphone.

It Guards Against Wear and Tear

While all smartphones will ultimately suffer scratches, a screen protector will shield your phone from the daily grind, such as scratches caused by keys or scrapes from walls. This is especially true when comparing thicker glass to thinner plastic screens.Corning’s Gorilla Glass or other equivalent protection is already used in the majority of new smartphone models. They are not scratch-proof, but they are scratch-resistant. A screen protector will not guarantee that your screen will not break if it falls, but it will provide an additional layer of protection.

If you genuinely want an extra layer of protection, a sapphire glass protector might be the way to go. On the Mohs scale of hardness, sapphires are slightly harder than Gorilla Glass.

It Preserves the Condition of Your Phone

Since smartphone models have relatively short shelf lives, you’ll catch yourself buying a newer model in under two years or so. This is why it’s best to invest in a screen protector if you plan to trade your phone in for an upgrade or sell it to fund a new smartphone.

Even the tiniest smear or scratch on the screen of your smartphone will dramatically reduce its worth. Spending a little bit more on top phone screen protectors is a good investment for your future deals.

It Prevents the Build-Up of Dirt

Smartphones collect bacteria as a result of their frequent use. Antimicrobial elements integrated into the glass of some screen protectors help eliminate bacteria from the screen. Surface coatings on screen protectors include a lipophobic layer that prevents natural oils from your fingers from accumulating on the screen and a hydrophobic layer that repels water. Additionally, some screen covers contain a dust-repellent layer.

It Helps to Relieve Eye Strain

Matte-finish screen protectors decrease glare by making reflections less noticeable. Newer screen protectors use chemical treatments to offer an extra layer of protection to the eyes. These anti-reflective (AR) screen protectors bend light to reduce glare and reflected light, both from smartphones and the surrounding environment. There’s also light cancellation that increases screen visibility and reduces the need to squint in order to see what’s on the screen.

It Can Give You Privacy

Conclusion: Some screen protectors include a tinted coating that ensures that only the person in front of the device can see the screen. When seen from a different angle, all that is visible is a tinted screen. It’s a great technique to keep your screen’s contents to yourself, especially when you’re travelling in public.

Smartphones are not cheap. While there are many debates on whether buying a screen protector is worthwhile, there isn’t much to lose. It’s still a fair deal to pay a tiny amount for comfort, convenience, and a screen free of micro-scratches.

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