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Best Offline Mobile Games

The Best Offline Mobile Games To Entertain Yourself With

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Do you get bored when you can’t connect to the internet? If yes, don’t worry! There are lots of ways to entertain yourself with a mobile phone offline. You can stream music from your library, read saved content, and even connect to a projector to show a downloaded film or show videos you’ve recorded. But if none of these sound too appealing to you, we can suggest other options — fun offline games! Here are some of the best offline mobile games you can enjoy.

1. Geometry Dash

This simple and easy game is highly addictive. You are a cube that jumps over obstacles that get in your way. But there is more to it– there is also music that adds to the feeling of excitement and each level gets faster and harder to complete. You must jump up or go down to avoid the objects that are coming at you faster and faster which makes each level an exhilarating journey.

2. Blackjack

Card players that enjoy blackjack can also join blackjack mobile casinos without an internet connection. The goal of blackjack is easy — beat the dealer. Each player gets two cards, and the sum of the two cards is what you have. You can add one card to your hand by saying “hit.” The sum of your cards must be higher than the dealer without going over 21. If you go over 21, you lose. It sounds easy, but this game requires practice. Try your luck and practice your skills with this free offline version of the game.

3. Candy Crush Friends Saga

In this popular game, you switch the positions of the candies to match 3 or more of the same candy. Each time you succeed, the matched candies disappear and more candies take their place. Players love this game for the beautiful bright colors, tasty looking candies, and easy learning curve.

4. Poker World

Would you like to play poker in Macau, Monaco, or Vegas? Now you can on your mobile phone, through Poker World, Offline TX Hold’em! If you are not familiar, Texas Hold’em it is the most popular type of poker by a wide margin, and has been for some time. The goal of Hold’em is to beat all the players. Each player is given two cards, and five additional cards are laid out as community cards. Each player tries to form the strongest possible 5-card combination using their 2 cards and the community cards. Most of the best Hold’em apps these days revolve around online multiplayer but this one prioritizes offline single player poker for free. You can show off your skills and win tournaments in 60 different cities.

5. The Fishercat

If you love cats, or like to fish, then you might really enjoy this game. You are the fishercat and your job is to catch fish using a harpoon. It sounds very simple, but it gets interesting. You can buy new harpoons, new air tanks and travel to different places. As the sizes and number of fish coming at your increase, so does the excitement! Every day becomes a new adventure as the fishercat explores new destinations.

6. Happy Mall Story

Do you enjoy going to the mall? Now, you can be the busy mall owner! Happy Mall Story is a fun simulation game where you are in charge of adding stalls, visiting friends for tips and collecting coins to pay for upgrades to your mall. It’s busy with customers roaming around as they shop and it is your job to organize and expand your mall to keep the customers coming.

Our lives have truly changed since the advent of the internet and we have relied on it so much, including for our entertainment. Without the internet, things can get really boring. But do not fret! The games listed above are meant to keep you entertained, offline.

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