Home SEO Guide Best DA and High PR Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites List
Best DA and High PR Instant Approval Directories sites list

Best DA and High PR Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites List

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Why Directory Submission?

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process, directory submission is done to create backlinks and get better MOZ Rank. Keep in mind, while performing directory submission, you should check the MOZ rank and domain authority of the directory where you want to submit your site.

What is Instant Approval Directory?

Instant approval directories submission sites list are those which approve the submitted websites in quick time (instantly). Instant means you get your site live instantly. It is beneficial for the newly developed site to get better MOZ and domain authority, so instant approval directory sites are used while doing SEO.

Checklist for instant approval directory sites

  • Make sure the directory is not malicious/penalized
  • List your website in the right category (E.g Real estate, Business, Jewellary, Law etc.)
  • Add your title and description with all keywords which related to your website
  • Add your name and email address for the future reference
  • Don’t spam like do not add more than one site
  • Read the attention line before submitting the website
  • Check the DA and Alexa Rank before submit sites
  • When you add website you can check on the section by clicking on latest sites
  • Find the best keywords from SEMrush and keyword planner

Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites List

1. http://www.businessfreedirectory.biz
2. http://www.targetlink.biz
3. http://www.sublimelink.org
4. http://www.hotlinks.biz
5. http://www.prolink-directory.com
6. http://www.alivelink.org
7. http://www.justdirectory.org
8. http://www.trafficdirectory.org
9. http://www.unique-listing.com
10. http://angelsdirectory.com
11. http://www.gowwwlist.com
12. http://www.johnnylist.org
13. http://www.webguiding.net
14. http://www.onecooldir.com
15. http://www.1directory.org
16. http://www.authorizeddir.com
17. http://www.propellerdir.com
18. http://www.fire-directory.com
19. http://www.alivelinks.org
20. http://www.asklink.org
21. http://www.relevantdirectories.com
22. http://www.efdir.com
23. http://www.ifidir.com
24. http://www.piratedirectory.org
25. http://www.relateddirectory.org

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