March 20, 2023

Find out how CompTIA certification can help it proffesional to retain the edge ?

 CompTIA is a leading provider of IT certification that is neutral vendor. The most popular is +, network + and security +. CompTIA certification is very valuable for the Entry-level professionals and more experienced. Vendor Netrality is one of the most important benefits of CompTIA certification. None of them are bound to VMware, Cisco, Novell, HP, or Microsoft. Although many people claim that CompTIA certification is not feasible, this is not true. When you read the rest of this article, you will find out how CompTIA certification can help professionals to maintain other edges that are not certified.

The main benefit acquires CompTIA certification

Develop a strong base of its knowledge and skills

CompTIA certification helps you build a very strong foundation about IT knowledge and skills. This certification adds value to your resume and gives you a competitive advantage when you apply for a job. In fact, CompTIA certification is a public prerequisite to qualify for many IT work. If you start with higher certification like Microsoft MCSE before you take A + certification, you might feel that you save time, but this will eventually delay you because you are a fundamental loss. It’s like skipping basic knowledge of synonyms and antonyms in basic grammar courses and then go straight to the course about how paraphrases, it will be very difficult to overcome it.

Increase your professional trust

One of the most valuable benefits of having CompTIA certification, especially when you just overcome it, is increasing your personal confidence. When you successfully get your certification, you will have evidence that you have enough knowledge about your career. And this increases your credibility and increases your determination to face new challenges.

Get extra credit for other certifications

Some IT companies including Novell, HP, Microsoft, Cisco and others provide recognition to CompTIA certification such as A + and network + on their certification tracks. In addition, there are several universities and colleges that provide college credit to students who have CompTIA certification.

Lift your income and find fresh career opportunities

Some organizations and IT companies now make CompTIA certification mandatory for several positions. In fact, many job advertising includes this certification as a fundamental requirement. Some surveys have shown that, average, IT professionals, are certified, get higher salaries than those who do not, in the same job position.

The most popular CompTIA certification benefits

The type of work and the advantages of career you enjoy depending on the type of certification that you can get. Let’s look at three popular options:

CompTIA A +.

CompTIA A + certification is now considered an industrial standard to measure the knowledge of computer technicians about hardware and software. It also provides a valuable foundation for your IT career. A + certification allows you to apply for jobs such as help table specialists, technical support representatives, computer technicians, and field service technicians. Having A + certification on your resume shows prospective entrepreneurs that you are very motivated and committed to excellence in your career. Thus, most certified professionals can produce at least 5 to 15 percent more than those who are not certified. In addition, your A + certification will give you the confidence needed to start a local computer workshop if you want to be an entrepreneur. It can also provide the basic knowledge you need to start a local PC assembly business.

CompTIA Network +.

CompTIA Network + certification creates opportunities for you to take job positions such as network technicians, network administrators, network engineers and several other related positions. Network Examination + Training and Certification includes fundamental network concepts that you need to know, especially if you intend to work in one of the positions mentioned above. Microsoft, Novell, and Cisco recognize network CompTIA + as part of their certification path. Network + certification path helps you develop good knowledge about fundamental TCPIP. It also allows you to get a basic understanding of Windows network skills, and Active Directory. You will also learn how to connect computers using different operating systems including the three most popular: Windows, Mac OS and Linux. After your network + training, you will have almost all the basic network skills you need to pass a technical interview. Learning more advanced network technology will also be easier and faster.

CompTIA Security +.

Security + is a very good certification because it allows you to register and get jobs that need good knowledge about IT security. For example, you can work as a network security engineer, security analyst, or security specialist. Many IT companies like IBM, Symantec, HP, Motorola and Surding Hire Security A.S. SURDING CERSERTIFICS. Security + gives you important basic training in IT security. This certification was developed in the same knowledge framework with more advanced tests such as CISA and CISSP. Therefore, it can be one of the most effective ways to start your career in security. Security + presents options for other IT vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft. In particular, Microsoft accepts security + as an option in the certification path for MCSE and MCSA. You can also use this certification to get credit courses in several universities.

CompTIA Security + also meets the standards set by the Department of Defense (DOD 8570). Obtaining this certification meets your requirements for the technical level 2 and the position of the management level. If you plan to work for the Government M.S., either as a contractor or as a full-time employee, in the field of IT security, you must get this certification. IT security is now a major concern for most business owners and managers. So they prefer to employ candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to security. And one of the best ways to do this is with your security + certification.

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