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Favourite bed-time toy for children – Light toys

by Alsion Lurie

It is post-dinner and it is time for kids to go to their bed. For parents, it is a herculean task to make their kids go to sleep. It might seem to be simple and easy, as on the face of it just seems that the child needs to go to bed and sleep – the parents can sing a lullaby and the child will be in his Disney dream within a few minutes. However, it is far from being so simple, let alone making the kid lie on the bed. Bedtime. Some parents take the help of basic stuff toys while some lit up their rooms with Mr Maria dim light lamps.

These dim light lamps are in the shape of animated characters – smileys, Disney characters, cute animals. These lights come in the market in various sizes and shapes. One can buy it depending upon their requirements for their children. Be it round smileys or cute little elephants, the market for these lamps has practically every kind of shape that can possibly be made. Such lights can be used for kids night over, an option to cuddle to sleep, a choice of a favourite toy. In short, such lights are multipurpose in nature.

Use of LED in such toys

Light Emitting Diodes or popularly known as LEDs, is the prime choice for selecting the light source inside the toys. These lights are cheap and come in various types of colours. These lights come in smaller sizes than a pea but throw relatively brilliant power lights. Such lights are generally used as motion sensors – a hand tap can reduce or increase the power of the light. Although these lights are fitted in a toy, they can also be used as a night lamp or a day lamp for studying purposes. These lights use low-power batteries but still emit bright lights. It is seen that children enjoy themselves a lot while playing with the motion sensors of the toys. Studies have found that these ‘light toys’ are children’s favourite bedtime toys and the children often doze off to sleep while staring at them. Thus, it makes it very convenient for parents to make their kids go to bed

Safety parameters of such LED lights

It is very natural for any parent to be concerned about the safety issues of such lights. As these toys are getting more and more popular, the cautious use of such toys should be made. To remove concerns of parents, such toys are generally equipped with LED lights that do not get hot enough and so any direct contact is not harmful. Unlike the flashing of bulb lights or torchlight, which can cause overexposure of light, these LED lights are ‘dim’ so they are not bright enough which will harm the eyes of the children due to overexposure. Moreover, LEDs are made from tough materials such as mercury which is known for its durability. They are shock-resistant and the chances of any kind of leakage are nil. So, to conclude, these lights are completely safe for the children and the parents can completely feel safe about it.

Mr Maria is a kind of creative toy which comes in various colours and shapes. These are designed in such a way that the lights inserted inside them are inaccessible to the children. So, it is practically impossible for the children to be in physical contact with the light. Moreover, these lights do not emit hazardous chemicals so it is the best choice for lights in the toys. Due to so many benefits of such toys and practically making the lives of the parents simpler, the demand for such products has increased. Various companies are coming up with their ideas and evolving their creativity to provide even more unique products than it ever was in the market.

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