March 30, 2023

Choose the Bets Bench Top

It’s crucial to choose a kitchen benchtop that you’ll be happy with because you’ll be looking at it. Listed here are the most prevalent materials used for kitchen countertops and the advantages of each.

Even if you’re only remodelling a tiny portion of your kitchen, there are many factors to consider when choosing kitchen benchtops, especially if you’re conducting a significant kitchen makeover.

Choosing the most expensive slab in the store might be alluring, but it’s crucial to keep up with the newest trends in the industry, as some of the younger players may even outperform the classics.

The advantages and disadvantages of the most common kitchen benchtop materials range from tried and true to fresh and inventive.


  • THE SHAPE Elegant in appearance, granite is usually seen in the most expensive kitchens. Since it’s built to last, you can count on it to outlive everyone else. It comes in a variety of vibrant hues. You’ll have seams in your granite because it comes in slabs.
  • THE CARE AND MANAGEMENT Granite is tough and scratch-resistant, but its porous nature will need to be treated regularly to ensure stain resistance.
  • It’s a lot of money.


  • THE SHAPE A resin or polyester substrate is blended with crushed quartz (or granite) granules, marble dust, or glass chips to create engineered stone, also known as quartz. As a result, a wide range of hues and patterns are available.
  • THE CARE AND MANAGEMENT It doesn’t need to be sealed because it isn’t as porous as granite or marble. It’s tough to scratch, but it’s also vulnerable to chipping. Red wine and tea, for example, can leave stains if they aren’t cleaned up very after. There are a few things you should keep in mind when cleaning stone.
  • PRICES ATTACHED Depending on the design you pick, it might cost as much as granite. CaesarStone, Quantum Quartz, and SmartStone are the prominent names here.


  • THE SHAPE Alumina is a filler in the acrylic resin that makes up a solid surface. It appears to be a unified whole. If you want to add a little something more, you can backlight it.
  • THE CARE AND MANAGEMENT Stains and dirt may be easily removed from the solid surface. If you manage to scuff or dent your benchtop, a professional can help you fix it. Outdoor kitchens might benefit from their UV resistance as well.
  • PRICES ATTACHED Solid surface is known as Corian. It’s not cheap, especially if you want something outside the norm.

Tops made of TIMBER

  • THE SHAPE Welcoming and comfortable. Timber’s natural beauty is enhanced as it ages.
  • THE CARE AND MANAGEMENT Fortunately, you may sand back the surface of damaged wood and refinish it with oil or polyurethane to fix the damage. Preserving its attractiveness requires frequent upkeep.
  • PRICES ATTACHED The upper echelons. Custom-made benchtops crafted from rare or exotic woods will cost more than those bought pre-made.


  • THE SHAPE There are layers of paper over chipboard, ply, or MDF covered in melamine. It’s available in various styles, from natural stone to industrial and Scandi.
  • THE CARE AND MANAGEMENT Laminate is a stain-resistant surface that may be easily cleaned with soap and water. Swelling can occur if water seeps through the melamine layer, which can be damaged by dropping anything on top.
  • PRICES ATTACHED The least expensive option available. Laminex and Formica are two of the most popular brands in the industry.
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