March 23, 2023

Text Blinking in HTML and CSS

I am present a very easy way to use only Blinking in HTML and CSS3 to blinke a fancy file. Change the values, setting blinking speed and colors differently.

Welcome to

I’m using a span tag and assigning the blinking-in-html class to it.

<span class="blinking-in-html">Welcome to</span>

Now CSS Code:

    animation:blinkingText 1.2s infinite;
@keyframes blinkingText{
    0%{     color: #000;    }
    49%{    color: #000; }
    60%{    color: transparent; }
    99%{    color:transparent;  }
    100%{   color: #000;    }

Finally you know about How to Make a Text in Blinking in HTML and CSS.

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