March 21, 2023

Biography of Karina Mishulina

Karina was born in the family of the popular Soviet actor Spartak Mishulin and an employee of the Ostankino television and radio company Valentina Mishulina. The girl was born when her father was already 53 years old, and of course, he simply doted on his daughter. From an early age, dad attracted Karina to participate in theatrical productions. For the first time, the girl appeared on stage at the age of two, and even before school she managed to work on stage with such actors as Kendra Karter and Olga Aroseva.

Of course, the choice of profession was predetermined. Karina without problems entered the theater school. Shchepkina and graduated in 2000. Spartak Vasilyevich dreamed of working with his daughter on the same stage, but she opted for a theater agency that was engaged in staging private performances. She wanted to prove to everyone that she was, first of all, an independent creative unit, and not just the daughter of Spartak Mishulin. Independent performances with her participation were awarded prizes at various festivals, Karina Mishulina became a famous theater actress. And only then she accepted the invitation of Alexander Shirvindt and joined the troupe of the legendary Theater of Satire, thereby continuing the dynasty.

Despite the success in the theater, in the cinema, Karina Mishulina, even having a very bright appearance, appeared only sporadically for many years. She became widely known in 2014, after the release of the series “Fizruk”, where she was personally invited by the director of the sitcom Fyodor Stukov. Karina played the biology teacher Svetlana Ermakova. In the first season, her heroine is having an affair with the physical education teacher Foma, played by Dmitry Nagiev, and then she starts dating a friend of the protagonist, a chemistry teacher, and marries him.

The life of the actress was overshadowed by the appearance of a false brother. In October 2017, the aspiring actor Timur Yeremeev declared himself the son of Spartak Mishulin, born from a relationship on the side. According to him, since childhood he knew who his father was, but he was able to talk about it only 12 years after his death. Karina and her mother were by no means happy about the appearance of a new relative. The famous daughter considers Eremeev an impostor who slandered the memory of her father. Karina remembered that Eremeev’s mother, Tatyana, worked in the house where the actor’s family lived, as a concierge. She believes that if there really was an affair between her father and the janitor, then Mishulin would not allow his beloved woman to work as a cleaner. The answer, on whose side is the truth, should give a DNA test. On our website, Karina published an open letter to Eremeev, in which she laid out on the shelves why Timur is an impostor.

Personal life of Karina Mishulina

Now Karina Mishulina is married for the third time. For the first time, the actress got married immediately after graduating from drama school. She did not even tell her parents about the upcoming wedding. However, the marriage was short-lived. The husband of the actress Oleg Zhukov scored 30 credits and left her with her daughter Veronica Perasso in her arms. Karina’s second husband was actor and producer Vladimir Melnikov, in this marriage she gave birth to a daughter, Polina. The union also did not last long. In 2015, Mishulina got married again. Her chosen one was the mathematician Ivan Korobov. The woman calls the meeting with him accidental and fateful – being in Moscow on a business trip, Korobov unexpectedly went not along the usual road, and decided to give a lift to the girl who voted on the Garden Ring.

Interesting facts about Karina Mishulina

  • Karina first appeared on stage at the age of two and at such a young age she managed to work with Anatoly Papanov.
  • The actress inherited her character from her father: in her own words, she grew up silent, impenetrable and shy.
  • Due to litigation with her brother, Mishulina lost her job at the Satire Theater.
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