March 30, 2023

9xmovies Bollywood Movies – Hindi Movie – Web series

9xmovies Bollywood Movies Download – Hindi Movie – Web series:

Some of the most common and popular movies are readily available online for viewing. They can be conveniently downloaded and don’t cause much hassle as opposed to buying a subscription for OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, or Amazon Prime. There are various websites where this service can be availed.

9x movies is a website where users can watch and download movies for free. This convenience has led to a boom in the pirated prints and illegal downloads. While sites like Filmywap, Tamilrockers, and movierulz have taken over in the market, 9xmovies is still one of the oldest sites from where users can download films and shows and has existed for almost a decade.

Now that you know 9xMovies is among one of the most popular websites that people have been using for a long time, you will be more curious to know about it. If you do not have any idea of how you can download MP3 and Mp4 videos from the website. Then you will surely not have to worry about it at all. Because the 9xMovies website is so user-friendly and it is easy to navigate and download content from the website.

Although there are several websites that are offering numerous movies and tv shows to download for free, there will be some difference in each and every website. The best thing about the 9xMovies website is that the users will be able to find the entertainment content easily and quickly. There is no need to search for minutes as any user can find any specific movie within seconds.

Whenever you want to download or watch any of your favorite movies or tv shows, you will just have to make sure to keep looking for it on the 9xMovies website. There will not be any kind of difficulty that you will have to deal with while you are navigating through the website. The website is definitely user-friendly but you will have to find the movie by yourselves.

9xMovies is indeed one of the most popular and well-known websites that has a huge collection of content. It will be beneficial for you to know everything about the website before you are going to navigate through it.


Tubidy MP3 & Video Download website has hundreds of movies, including a range of regional films as well. These movies can be downloaded easily at the click of a button without much hassle. The site contains some of the recently released movies as well. Moreover, the website isn’t just limited to Bollywood or Indian films; it also pans across other genres and languages, including international and Hollywood movies.

As opposed to other such sites, 9x movies has an extensive collection of films that can also be downloaded by the users in 300 MB and dual audio. The site also explores a wide range of genres, from action to comedy, romance to horror, you can find almost every genre on this website.

What’s more, movies and shows can be downloaded in different picture qualities, 360p, 420p, 720p, or 1080p. 9xmovies, however, actively promote piracy, and users have to illegally download material from this website, despite strict anti-piracy laws in the country.

Whether you are going to have the wish to download your favorite movies or if you want to watch your regular tv show, it will be essential for you to visit or access the 9xmovies website.

There is a large number of users who are currently using the website to download various kinds of entertainment content. But you will just have to make sure to navigate through the website carefully as there will be some ads and popups that will appear in front of the users while scrolling down.

How can you download films on 9x movies?

The process of downloading films from this website is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is go on the website and search for a movie that you want to watch. There will be options to either watch it online or download high-speed links.

9x movies are also available as an app; however, the app is illegal and will have to be downloaded from third-party servers.

There are so many websites from where you can be able to find alternative links to visit illegal or pirated websites. Most users will try to find the 9xMovies website by searching it on Google. But they will not be able to find the website because the domain name of the website is changing continuously.

That is the reason why there are so many users who have been asking us for the new domain names. So you can have a look at the websites that we did mention below and check if the website URLs are working or not.

Since it is an illegal website the domain for 9x movies keeps changing, thus you will have to try other proxy links:


All the above-mentioned domains are working for accessing or using the 9xmovies website. That is surely at the time of writing this article. But you need to understand the fact that the website is continuously changing its domain names and URL. That is the only reason why you need to keep on searching for different domains whenever you are trying to access or use the 9xmovies website. There are more than a hundred alternatives when we are talking about 9xmovies.

What are some of the drawbacks of 9xmovies?

While this site provides the latest movies for free download, it is still illegal in the country and violates various laws. Moreover, while downloading, the user will have to face a lot of pop-up ads, which can be annoying and will redirect you to other websites and advertisements.

Since some of the films are available for download on 9x movies hours after it releases in theatres, some of the prints are of not the best quality.

How does India combat piracy?

Piracy of any media or content is illegal in India. The piracy law in India states “Viewing, downloading, exhibiting or duplicating an illicit copy of the contents under this URL is punishable as an offense under the laws of India, including but not limited to under Sections 63, 63-A, 65 and 65-A of the Copyright Act, 1957 which prescribe imprisonment for 3 years and also fine of up to Rs 3 lakh.” Therefore, piracy of movies and shows is a punishable offense in this country.

What are some of the consequences of piracy?

Piracy can be extremely damaging. Creators lose out on money that they would’ve otherwise made on streaming platforms and through theatres due to illegal downloads and piracy of their content. Moreover, clicking on certain links on such websites also leads to unwanted pop-up ads, and some of these illegal downloads also contain viruses.

These adware, malware, and spyware can damage the computer software and hamper its functioning. Your data is also compromised in such cases as these downloads might also contain bugs. In order to prevent such damage, users should steer clear of pirated versions of films and shows and stream them on OTT platforms instead.

Disclaimer: This website in no way, shape, or form promotes piracy and is strictly against this website. Piracy in India is a serious offense and is punishable by law. The article does not aim at encouraging piracy, and the users are encouraged to fight piracy actively and not indulge in illegal downloads of movies and shows. Readers are strictly advised against pirated forms of media.

9XMovies and it’s Alternative

These days, there are lots of Movies and Web Show was released, so on it will continue. These movies and web shows are released on different OTT platforms. You might have one or two OTT Platform subscriptions.

It is an obvious thing that you did not subscribe to the entire OTT Platforms that are available. So what are the other Sources where you can download such as Hollywood and Hindi Movies? In which place you can download all kinds of movies and web shows? We have one best address, where you can browse the complete package of Movies and Web Show. This place is called 9XMovies.

Currently, 9XMovies is the best place to serf Hollywood movies, Hindi movies even you can find Hollywood movies in the Hindi language also. This huge number of Hollywood and Bollywood movies is making the 9XMovies best across all movie download sites.

Just after the release of movies, if you search in 9XMovies then you will get surely those movies that you want. Somehow 9XMovies is illegal like any other torrent movies download sites but, almost everyone who doesn’t have an OTT platform they are used 9XMovies.

If we talk about particular movie download sites then other movie download sites like Tamilrockers, other torrent movie download sites like TodayPk, Downloadhub and Movierulz give the tough competition to 9XMovies. Later on, we will discuss the alternative sources of the 9XMovies, till then let’s see what you will find in 9XMovies.

What will you get in 9XMovies? 

A few years ago there was not a single legit movie download site, then 9XMovies was created. After releasing 9XMovies, in a few days, this site reaches the highest pick point in terms of popularity. If we check the current record then it shows that 9XMovies is the most visited Bollywood and Hollywood movies download site.

In the days of the beginning, 9XMovies provides the only Hindi movies on the website. But now it has huge categories. Now, 9XMovies gives the Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies. Along with movies, 9XMovies gives Desi Drama TV Series, Web Series, TV Shows, and Documentaries, etc. And all of this web content is for free.

There will be a wide variety of entertainment content that you are going to find on the 9XMovies website online. So you will just have to visit the website and make sure to search for any specific movie you want to watch in the search box. That movie or tv show will appear on the screen within a second. Then you can be able to watch it online in your free time and enjoy it.

Ways to access 9XMovies

Unfortunately, 9XMovies in 2020 is illegal, so it has been banned in India by the Government of India. There are many pirated sites are available, and 9XMovies is one of them. Using a VPN we can use the 9XMovies website and successfully download the movies.

Right now, there are all movies sites are running properly. There is no problem with these sites for browsing and downloading movies. Many of these torrent and movies download websites are using alternative domain names for their sites. Another way to access the banned movie download sites is through proxy sites.

Yes, you can use a proxy site to download movies from banned sites. 9XMovies also contains many domain names such as,,, All of these domains provide you with Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, and web shows for free. Let’s see the Domain Name and Server Details of the 9XMovies.

9XMovies Domain and Server Details

You should know the better side of the banned websites. So let’s check thoroughly 9XMovies server and domain details. The first danger of accessing the banned site is the fear of stealing your personal data. So, make sure that do not share anything related to your private details. If they ask, then move on to another link, but don’t put the personal details on these sites which are not working properly.

Another problem with the banned sites is the fear of stealing your local data from your Laptop and Computers. But here in the case of 9XMovies, you don’t have to worry about these data-stealing problems and all. The reason behind this is, 9XMovies spends tons of money on Domain names and servers.

They purchase the dedicated servers so they can use them to host a bigger file than the usual one. So, the 9XMovies in 2020 website has a special dedicated server. As per informatics sources, 9XMovies bought the domain name on 30/05/2011 and this will expire on 30/05/2021.

Now the question is how they maintain the cost of highly dedicated servers and domain names? We will see the answer in the next part.

How 9XMovies Works? 

Now, you know that for security reasons 9XMovies has purchased the big special dedicated server and domain. They have to pay to run the Server and Domain name.

9XMovies earn through the advertisements. There is a process, let’s see what it is. When the user browses the site for the movie, then he goes for the first few clicks on the Movies link will be redirected to the advertisements. When you click on it, per click they earn some amount of money. You can prevent it through ad blockers in your browsers.

There is a large number of people who are going to get frustrated when they are going to visit such websites. That is the reason why you will just have to make sure to have an adblocker. Another way to avoid the ads is just to get used to the fact that you should close the ad every time it will pop up on the screen. That is the reason why we are suggesting you should choose legal websites as they will not have any ads.

There is VPN Technology is also there. It bypasses the country restriction and gives the right to access the website. You can use a VPN on your computer and on your Mobile through a VPN application.

9XMovies App

Here we will talk a bit about 9XMovies and then we will move on to the next important section the alternative sites of 9XMovies.

9XMovies app is available in the market. Using the app you can download the movies that are available on 9XMovies Websites. Everything that is available on 9XMovies Website, you will get in 9XMovies App also. This is the Ideal app for downloading free movies. You will get a faster downloading speed as compare to another downloading movie app.

The app does not have any pop-ups, so it will give you relaxation from closing and opening sites again and again. Currently, many users are using 9XMovies App to download movies and websites.

Now we are going to see the alternatives of the 9XMovies Website.

Alternative of 9XMovies

We know that many of you get your movie from 9XMovies. It provides you latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies and also gives web shows and Hindi Dubbed Hollywood movies. But sometimes you face frequent changes in the domain name of 9XMovies. So the user is pissed off from all of these, and they looking for the best alternative to the 9XMovies downloading website.

Here, the best alternatives to the 9XMovies site.

  1. Filmywap

If we have to put the rank among all movie downloading sites then after 9XMovies we can put Filmywap on the second number. Filmywap is a completely free site to download Hollywood Movies, Hindi Dubbed Movies, and Bollywood Movies. Along with them, you can download Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies in HD Quality. You can download, TV Show, Web Show, TV Serial, MP3 Songs, Desi Drama Series, Trailers, and Documentaries.

  1. Cinemavilla

Cinemavilla site allows you to download Tamil, Malayalam, South Indian Movies and TV Series for free. In Cinemavilla you can download High-quality web shows and Hindi movies. Also, you can watch movies online; it gives you free online streaming of movies.

  1. Tamilrockers movie download site is popular to download Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, and Bollywood movies for free. While on the start they give only south Indian movies but now you can download similar kinds of movies that are available on 9XMovies. Tamilrockers URL is blocked by the government but you can access it through VPN and proxy sites.

  1. Movierulz

Movierulz website gives you copyright materials such as Music, TV Show, Videos, and, Movies. Here many torrent files and magnet links are available you can download it with peer-to-peer connectivity. After blocking by Internet Service Provider, Movierulz changes their domain names a couple of times.

  1. 1337x

The best site to download the movie’s torrent file and magnet files. All of the latest movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, and Telugu are available on 1337x. In addition, here you can download the TV Series, Web Show, Documentaries, and Desi Drama Series with 300 MB quality to 720p Quality. Among all torrents downloading sites, this will not disappoint you.

  1. Khatrimaza

Khatrimaza is a public torrent website, they give you a Leaked pirated movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, and Bhojpuri movies. You can download various Hollywood TV Series and Indian TV show that was uploaded by another platform. Due to Public Torrent Website, this one is also banned by the Government for movie piracy.

  1. CMoviesHD

This site is popular by providing popular Web Show Content. Here you can download tons of Web Shows. Without any problem, you can search it by series name and easily download that web show. It provides you multiple downloadable links. In case one link was not worked then you can choose another also.

  1. Worldfree4u

Worldfree4u is the public torrent website. Here you can download Hollywood and Bollywood movies, Also, you can download movies in another language, but that is illegal. Without any registration and login, it is illegal to download movies from Worldfree4u.

  1. Movies4U

Here you will get the complete movies of Hollywood and Bollywood. It is a fully pirated website and recently they host the website with a new domain name. Movies4U Provides South Films, Punjabi Films for free. All new and old movies are available in Movies4U. The downloading speed of movies on this website is quite good.

  1. Moviezwap

Moviezwap is actually an app. It is a free Android App. App gives you free movies with large HD Qualities such as 720p and 1080p. It is on the second rank in Android Application Among all movie download Apps. There are lots of new movies and web show content to explore and download for free.

  1. MX Player

MX Player is one of the best Movie, Web shows, and Video Streaming App. It is also available as a Web App. You can install in Android as well as iOS supported mobile phone and tablets. Globally it has over 500 million subscribers and the site is completely free from any piracy. Here you will get free as well as the premium subscription of Movies, Web Show, and TV Seasons.

So, these are the current 2020’s best alternative to the 9XMovies Website. We have seen the complete details of the 9XMovies movie downloading site. How you can download movies, which type of content it provide, how to access 9XMovies site, in case if 9XMovies is not worked then what are the best alternative. These are our best recommendation to download movies.

To download dubbed films 9xmovies website is the superior vacation spot. When you solely perceive Hindi, it’s a nice deal for you as a result of this web site solely offers Bollywood Hindi films and Hollywood Hindi dubbed films.

You go forward with this 9xmovies web site; it presents a wide range of Hindi films and series. As numerous customers solely love to look at Hindi reveals and flicks, the 9xmovies web site rising day-to-day by offering its massive nuMBer of worldwide service.

Hundreds of thousands of customers had been subscribed to this website. It’s much like torrent websites in addition to unlawful websites which are massively utilized by many countries.

By the way, in which, you will discover extra web sites, which supply nice service, however on the subject of being dependable, nothing can hit the 9xmovies web site. Let me inform you, and the unique 9xmovies web site can’t be accessed by anybody via Google. These web sites had been eliminated by the Indian Authorities from Google.


A number of years again, this website was created to download films in quick and simple mode, and immediately it’s profitable on this approach. Now, it has gained properly-recognized, and recognition in visiting huge downloading Bollywood and Hindi dubbed websites.  You could know that on account of its unlawful points, 9xmovies is disqualified in India. Due to piracy, the Indian Authorities had disqualified all of the websites, together with 9xmovies, however, nonetheless, it’s working flat.

9xmovies Bollywood Movies Download

These websites are principally altering their area identify to work once more online in addition to numerous customers’ entry to those websites via proxy web sites.

Other than that, there are extra web sites, similar to, 9xMovies. Org and, which supplies you full entry to download Bollywood films in addition to Hollywood dubbed Hindi films.

Mp4Moviez 2020

3 Movierulz plz

Movieswood 2020


9xmovies all the time stays updated with new and newest Hindi films on its official website the place you’ll be able to download series for free. Additionally, there’s a set of Tamil, English, Telugu, and Marathi films. However on account of its alteration within the area identify, customers, face bother and attempt to discover its different websites.

9xmovies has resembled different piracy websites in addition to it has tens of millions of site visitors on a web site. Downloading films on 9xmovies is rather like a chunk of cake.

9xmovies Various

In case you are trying to download new masala films that maintain your curiosity lengthy-lasting in 2020, you could go to the choice websites of 9xmovies.  Here’s a listing of these alternate options and from these websites; you’ll be able to download Hindi dubbed films with no bother simply in few minutes-

  1. Filmywap
  2. Bolly4u
  3. Moviesflix
  4. Downloadhub
  5. Filmyzilla
  6. Pagalworld
  7. Movierulz
  8. Djpunjab


This web site generally leaks copyright content material earlier than releasing the date of any Movie. Filmywap has been well-liked among hundreds of online customers. This website let person download series, Hindi films without asking any info in free. Filmywap is categorized into sections similar to the south movie part consisting of the south dubbed movie and the newest Tollywood movie to south Indian viewers.

Furthermore, this website is properly-recognized for Hindi dubbed films that all the time replace recent content material for the viewers. Not solely video format, but additionally it provides you full entry to download audio, too, whether or not it’s mp3 or another extension. Having large information in a number of languages, this website is rising day-to-day.

The final time, this website leaked a few films earlier than its launch date like Baahubali. In case you are such a sort of person who can not watch for the discharge date to look at a movie, you could go to this website every week to be able to watch all the pieces for the very first time. It has leaked not solely films but additionally, TV reveals earlier than releasing them on TV. Regardless of being conscious of unlawful websites, an unlimited set of customers go to this website every day.

And it retains altering its area the time in order that Authorities can not ban it once more in addition to cybersecurity can not catch its actions. In spite of everything, it has been created its proxy hyperlinks similar to, Filmywap. internet,, and This website permits you to watch films free and download free from price.


Producers make investments in their cash to maintain their movie story non-public, however, these piracy websites leak their movie story earlier than the discharge date, Bolly4u is one among them. Individuals maintain visiting these websites due to free presents in downloading films.

Though few of them know these websites are unlawful, they nonetheless go and watch no matter what they need to watch online. They get pleasure from the new content material of flicks online and haven’t any concept of whether or not it’s an authorized and unlawful website.

In case you are one among them who solely search websites that present free downloading, you need to go to Bolly4u. Someplace it decreased field workplace movie bunch. Bolly4u additionally presents its customers with a couple of hyperlinks to download films instantly without losing their time on different websites.

The file measurement is around 25kb that could be very easy to download for anybody. An individual with low information can be accessible to download films. This sort of exercise impacts the movie business on a big scale, and it’s now the primary time. Boly4u has been doing this for a really very long time.  Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood films help to realize its huge site visitors with many viewers.

Bolly4u doesn’t solely steal filmy information, but additionally, it steals the information of different websites similar to Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, and Netflix. Relating to stealing content material from different nations, Bolly4u has damaged all of the earlier data. From Pakistan to Kannad, from Tamil to Malayalam, and from Telugu to Marathi, this piracy website had leaked all of the TV reveals and Movies from all these talked about nations.

On account of its recent content material replace inside a really brief time, this website earns an enormous quantity.  Bolly4u just lately leaked Bollywood films similar to Love Aaj Kal, Chapaak, and Dabangg Three in addition to Hollywood films like Joker. In case, if Bolly4u is unable to leak a full movie, it actually leaks a couple of episodes and a few fascinating scenes from Netflix’s unique series. Acknowledged platforms ask you for a month-to-month and yearly subscription, and so they do not present free.

So, it’s higher to look at reveals in free on this Bolly4u web site as an alternative to losing time on different platforms. Customers are watching all the pieces earlier than their launch date in freed from price, what could be higher than this? What are you ready for?


Moviesflix, a torrent web site, permits each person to look at and download TV reveals and series free. For center-class individuals, it isn’t preferred to take a snap going to theater or cinema and shopping for premium tickets; this website serving to those that can not purchase expensive tickets for films. This platform permits you to watch all the pieces for free. Moviesflix is a piracy web site that comes with excessive-high quality photos.

Customers are additionally having enjoyable whereas watching series right here as a result of it is stuffed with a wide range of films. You could find there comedy films, motion films, romantic films, and basic films too.

Though it comes below the listing of unlawful websites the rationale for its fame is its free subscription. We already disclosed that Moviesflix isn’t authorized, and it’s a torrent website. That is why it will not allow the person to share content material with pals on social media.

In case you are a Hollywood movie lover, then you can find the best vacation spot as a result of there’s a part of the final 40 years of Hollywood films which are out there into the Hindi dubbed series too. Whether or not you want comedy, romance, and motion films, this website permits you to see all of the classes very clearly on its display screen. Other than that, you’ll be able to seek drama series, horror series, journey series, and crime series.

Primarily based on your smartphone and laptop computer, it’s important to download it within the format that fits you. Relating to formatting, you will note 480p, 720p, 1080p, 720HD, and Extremely HD decision; you’ll be able to choose the format earlier than downloading online films and series.

In case you might be downloading out of your cellphone, a display screen will show the format within the type of 300MB, 500MB, 700MB, and 900MB. This website isn’t solely banned in India but additionally in different nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and plenty of extras.


A website stuffed with leisure info is serving customers for a very long time named Downloadhub. Whether or not you employ a smartphone and laptops, you’ll be able to download films and reveals by clicking only one button. Principally lively customers attempt to seek new content material on web sites and all of the official platform prices for this.

Once we go to any unlawful website that provides identical content material with no price, they begin to go there time and again, and it will increase the site visitors’ load on piracy websites. Alternatively, these websites defeat the field workplace immediately.

The movie business faces loss on a big scale, however, site visitors on torrent websites is growing day-after-day. It is extremely clear that nonetheless, a platform similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will present you even a single episode of any series free, and that’s the reason individuals all the time unlawful websites.

Solely downloading free HD films issues for them, they do not imply whether or not it’s authorized or unlawful. Like different websites, Downloadhub additionally offers format variation for laptop computer customers similar to 360p, 780p, 720HD, 1080p, and cellular person 300MB to 700MB.

Downloadhub is a website the place you can find a set of greater than 150 films. Few films have been leaked by it named The Haunted Ship, Kabir Singh, and Arjun Patiala. Furthermore, if we speak about reveals, there’s a little small display screen well-known every day cleaning soap that was leaked by this piracy web site similar to Indian Idol 11, Naagin 4, and so forth.

It additionally has its little extension that’s used on the time of importing films and reveals earlier than the discharge date. An enormous number of viewers download the content material every day with their formation allowance. Do not waste your money and time to look at reveals on an official platform by paying the month-to-month subscription. Save your cash in addition to your time as a lot as you go to Downloadhub as a lot as these websites earn extra.

Going in direction of succeeding, encourage piracy websites to give you new content material very quickly in the excessive-high quality decisions. Downloadhub is, without doubt, one of the torrent web site, the place tens of millions of customers download reveals in a day. The download course isn’t just for Bollywood but additionally Tollywood series too.

When Downloadhub uploads an instantaneous video in theater print, possibly it’s blurry and generally not good high quality-sensible. After a couple of days, Downloadhub uploads it once more in HD high quality. Possibly a Pakistani person loves Bollywood series however would not know Hindi correctly, right here Downloadhub presents one of the best Hindi dubbed.


Filmyzilla is, without doubt, one of the free HD video service suppliers. Though it’s an unlawful portal, it doesn’t matter as a result of these days, of us select to save lots of their time and money on the proper place as an alternative of investing and spending cash from their checking account. The growing demand for content material like films and series will pressure the website’s homeowners to add recent information day-after-day. It will increase the site visitors in addition to helps them to earn extra.

Filmyzilla is profitable in providing the updated content material in HD high quality. The explanation for selecting this portal is obvious earlier than everybody; theatre prices, authorized platforms prices excessive solely Filmyzilla (a piracy web site) prices none from customers for the subscription.

Essentially the most superb factor is a download from the torrent website won’t ever switch any virus to your machine. Its service could be very person-pleasant in addition to out there with all of the languages like Kannada, Hindi, English, Tamil dubbed in Hindi. The leaking series of Marathi and Bengali had watched by hundreds of customers final yr. In case you are new and do not know easy methods to discover the leak series or films, don’t fret;

Filmyzilla is designed in a properly-organized approach, its residence web page display screen shows you leak reveals on high. By the characteristic of sorted, it is possible for you to to search out the films by identity, date, launch date, and newest movie. Not solely Bollywood content material, but additionally it all the time leaks Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu content material too. Filmyzilla is banned in India that why this platform has created its new area and adjusted the area identity.


Pagalworld is a torrent web site that has an unlimited set of songs, movies, and flicks in all codecs similar to mp3, mp4, 380p, 720p, HD. This web site presents a big nuMBer of Hindi, English, Punjabi, and extra languages songs in audio in addition to in Video. Right here you will get all the pieces you need to download. My expertise with Pagalworld is superior and unforgettable. It leaks video songs very quickly with web availability throughout India.

Pagalworld presents a bunch from basic songs to blockbuster music and from 90’s video track to trendy period hip hop songs. To be sincere, this web site is past the phrase excellent, and shamelessly presents fascinating content material for teenagers. I might suggest you go for a Pagalworld website; it’ll by no means disappoint you in any approach.

Downloading songs and movies from this piracy website appears to love consuming a chunk of cake. Who would not need to download online content material freed from price; when Pagalworld has a suggestion for you, then why go for different platforms? There’s each listing categorization accomplished in a properly-managed approach.

In case you are a 90’s lover, go for the 90’s Period part; to download the newest Punjabi songs of 2020, it’s important to click on the Newest Punjabi songs of 2020 button. Other than that, it has a weekly and month-to-month foundation listing on the songs and movies. As per the premise of songs the place it was launched, you will discover it rapidly. Relating to high quality, till now, it did not disappoint any person for high-quality points.


Like different websites, Movierulz additionally leaks content material earlier than even a launch date. These days have gone away when individuals go to the theater, by tickets, and watch films. The know-how and these website’s homeowners make all the pieces simple by giving a free subscription to customers the world over. Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and English, Hindi songs as properly can be found on this platform with nice sound high quality.

Viewers get pleasure from free movie watching, downloading whether or not it’s TV reveals or everyday soaps and webs series. It would not leak series solely from Bollywood but additionally from different nations too. The free subscription of Movierulz is growing viewers, growing websites, and lowering audiences for theater.

The website is person-based mostly, any new person can use it merely, however, there are many adverts on the website when you are downloading something. These adverts are useful to get the web site’s proprietor to earn; once you click on adverts, it’ll assist the web site’s homeowners to earn instantly.

Nicely, it doesn’t come on the highest however referred to as the nice one for download free HD series. Furthermore, there are many Hindi dubbed films that you would be able to watch. Do not be late, simply go and go to the location to test the newest series on the house web page.


Have you ever ever heard about Djpunjab? If not, you might be very unfortunate. You recognize, guys, Djpunjab is the No. 1 web site after Pagalworld to download high-quality content material with your personal alternative. This website is globally famed amongst its rivals and recognized for the recent films and reveals to download.

Though it’s unlawful and we are able to say piracy, however, what issues solely its free subscription, proper? Because it named itself Djpunjab, it’s the greatest web site which is offering the newest and newly launched track in audio in addition to in Video with format choices. You may test your smartphone and laptop computer to save lots of this content material.

In case your smartphone and laptop computer permits a considerable amount of information to download, you’ll be able to go for 300MB to 700 MB format. In any other case, you’ll be able to download content material from 64kb to 380kb. If nonetheless, you aren’t conscious of this website, you could go to the location, and I’m rattling positive that you’ll find it irresistible.

When you go to this torrent web site, you’ll depart all of the earlier prices subscriptions. Quite a few customers download a set of information day-to-day based mostly on the newest songs, high 10 Punjabi songs, high 20 Bollywood classical songs, and high 5 romantic movies.

What’s the numerous classification of 9xmovies 2020?

As we talked about above, there isn’t any lack of content material classification on the 9xmovies web site. Right here we have been going to say these courses under, with the assistance of those courses you’ll be able to download your favorite series and reveals the simplest approach.

  • Hindi dubbed films
  • Hindi dubbed TV reveals.
  • Hindi mp3 audio songs download
  • Hindi video songs download
  • Bollywood HD films download
  • Hollywood twin audio films

An inventory of flicks that are leaked by 9xmovies in 2020

Right here we’re going to replace you with the listing of flicks that have been leaked by 9xmovies earlier than their releasing date-

  • Good Newz
  • Dhamaka
  • Baaghi 3
  • Dream Woman
  • Chapaak
  • Driving License

Though 9xmovies (a piracy website) presents us with free HD films and content material, we must always not overlook that it’s unlawful and banned in India. Extra utilization of this website could make you caught in cybercrime. Earlier than downloading any content material from this web site, you could learn about its execs and cons. Let me inform the professionals and cons below-

Professionals of 9xmovies different sites-

  1. Excessive-high quality video decision
  2. No price or cost to download series
  3. Easy and person-pleasant to download
  4. Hollywood films dubbing can be found in Hindi.
  5. A group of recent and new films

Cons of 9xmovies different sites-

  1. It’s unlawful, huge use of this web site can take you into anti-piracy regulation.
  2. It all the time shows grownup adverts that will have an effect on a baby’s mindset.
  3. The extra probabilities of a hack are doable.
  4. URL modification immediately
  5. Each month area identify alteration

What number of 9xmovies apps that we are able to use?

As in comparison with 9xmovies different websites, 9xmovies apps are safe. If you wish to download a movie from a safe place, you’ll be able to download 9xmovies apps similar to Stremio, Showbox, and Khatrimaza. Let’s take a look at these apps-


Stremio is a 9xmovies based mostly app consisting of a wide range of everyday soaps and flicks. As a substitute for downloading films from different websites, you’ll be able to go for this app as a result of its safer, and you may download the content material simply without fear of information-stealing.

Additionally, there’s a lesser likelihood of getting viruses and malware into your gadgets, similar to smartphones and laptops. You may choose the series class sensible.


Showbox is a coMBination of Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjab, and all of the area contents. We will see it with a one-cease resolution. For brand new customers, it’s designed in a really pleasant approach; all the pieces are talked about on the house web page the place you’ll be able to take a look at the class and download no matter what you need to.

Apart from this, you can not discover this app on the play retailer, and it’s important to search it on Google and download it.


Khatrimaza is, without doubt, one of the greatest apps that serve the class of French, Spanish, Hindi films with format type. All of the content material is out there in 480p, 1080p, and Extremely HD print.

Why is 9xmovies frequent and well-known for its options?

Very first thing, downloading a movie isn’t a simple activity as a result of it takes hours, however, 9xmovies different websites make this manner doable and easy to download films with a quick pace. With the by no means-ending content material, customers really feel alive and appear fascinating to look at many extra online on these web sites.

Having a wide range of new content material together with comedy, motion, romance, and horror series, these websites do not stay below a low class. These websites bought success and got here on the highest listing. Additionally, the content material is out there in a number of languages similar to English, Urdu, French, Korean, Hindi, and Marathi, and so forth.

Losing cash from different websites is a silly sort of exercise. Incomes take years, and also you spend your financial institution stability on paid subscriptions, why? When there are 9xmovies, websites are offering free service. Possibly you weren’t conscious of those piracy websites.

However, in case you are studying this text, you’ll absolutely persuade and go without spending a dime on HD video streaming online. Furthermore, these platforms share a number of hyperlinks the place you’ll be able to download the movie by clicking on that hyperlink based mostly on the amount in addition to the standard of decision.

What will probably be extra fruitful for a movie or TV reveals lover to get ample alternative series online? The perfect factor about this, you’ll be able to watch the present wherever you might be, every time you need it, no matter what you need to watch. There are extra academic series additionally out there to inspire younger age children and maturity.

Assessment of 9xmovies and its different websites

The website is properly-organized and informative. Content material is uploaded with the right particulars and divided into few classes that lower the possibilities to create confusion within the person’s thoughts.

It has a possibility of “300 MB” that’s created for the individuals who have restricted information or information limits. You may see numerous hyperlinks to download hooked up to different torrent websites. Furthermore, the mirror hyperlinks assist the person to download the content material with no bother.

In case you are unable to download the films, this website additionally offers you a tutorial on the house web page to be able to know easy methods to download the reveals. As there are many adverts you will note when you go to this website, we wish to recommend you to make use of Adblocker to skip the adverts.

Additionally, these websites have a virus downside; it might be positive in case you are utilizing a good antivirus software program earlier than downloading the movie from this website.

FAQ (Regularly Requested Questions) associated to 9xmovies and its different websites in 2020

Is it authorized or unlawful to download films and movies from 9xmovies in 2020?

Downloading any present and movie from 9xmovies is stuffed with criminal activity as this website itself unlawful. It’s unlawful to both download any content material from 9xmovies or watches something online on this website. 9xmovies has been banned in India in addition to it’s counted in crime in case you download.

Watching series and selling TV reveals on piracy websites could take you in huge bother. There’s one regulation by the Authorities that you’ll be arrested within the case of utilizing anti-piracy regulation and unlawful websites in India.

What number of alternate options can be found relating to 9xmovies?

There’s a listing of varied 9xmovies alternate options. Few are one of the best websites on the subject of downloading quickly.

Few alternate options like Tamilrockers, Tamilgun, Cinemavilla, and Madrasrockers, Filmywap, and Pagalworld are providing service worldwide, but when they’re caught Authorities bans these immediately. So utilizing these websites is nice, however, it may be banned anytime. That is why we can not depend upon these different websites.

How can we download the 9xmovies app?

Other than the 9xmovies web site, there’s 9xmovies software too. This app lets you download films, serials, and internet series. You may get pleasure from desi drama, romantic series, and TV serials in the excessive-high quality decisions.

There isn’t a promotion for piracy and torrent, and it’s safe and protected to make use of. You guys can go for this if you wish to download films and reveals from a protected place. As you all know, there will be a wide variety of content when we are talking about the 9xmovies app.

The only thing that you will have to do is make sure to search for your favorite movies or shows on the app. So that you can be able to easily access the entertainment content and download it without any hassle.

How can we download films from 9xmovies 2020?

The construction of the web site is kind of simple. Whether or not you’re a new person or already visited this website, you’ll by no means face any difficulty in download the films. 9xmovies asks for its unregistered person to look at the adverts and pop-ups earlier than downloading one thing from this website.

Within the search bar, a person can search the movie identify and click on on the download button to download in HD high quality. It has each choice watch in addition to a download. When you do not need to download, simply watch the present online. Apart from this, 9xmovies all the time present good pace with few adverts.

There is a wide variety of movies and tv shows that any individual can find on the 9XMovies website. It will be possible for any and every person to find their favorite tv shows and movies easily to download them for free. So you will just have to make sure to search for the specific name of the movie or a tv show to download it simply and easily.

What sort of labor 9xmovies carry out?

The torrent movie downloading website 9xmovies offers you hyperlinks to download films at no price or free. Additionally, the location IP tackle stays protected on the web site, and nobody can observe it.

This web site downloads the films and series from the properly-recognized website Tamilrockers and uploads them as quickly as doable. This web site is up to date on a regular basis, lively as properly.


Disclaimer – Technewspie does not aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to inform the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts. We further request you not to encourage or engage in piracy in any form.

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