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Core Drilling

9 Things You Should Need to Know About Core Drilling

by Alsion Lurie

Plenty of work goes into working with concrete. Even the most experienced professionals working on the job site might still need additional help. So, in many cases, it is best to hire concrete or core drilling professionals for renovation and repair projects. And, this article explores the usefulness of core drill bits for drilling.

1. Punch Through Concrete

Concrete core drill bits are recommended for breaking up concrete and accessing whatever is hidden underneath. And in some cases, it might require utilising ground penetrating radar or GPR.

This equipment allows workers to find potential hazards as well as other types of obstructions that can make the drilling process riskier and dangerous. Meanwhile, the drills that professional companies use are made with diamond tips enabling them to penetrate concrete effortlessly.

2. Cleaner Cuts

Standard drills, by comparison, do not make cuts as precisely as those utilised by concrete core drilling companies. And when you work with professionals, you will have an experienced staff who have the best tools for making cleaner precision cuts. Besides, core drills follow the edges of the hole; therefore, there will be significantly less dust and debris after.

3. Gather Samples

A crucial task in concrete drilling is gathering samples of materials that get removed. As such, the drill extracts a portion of the material that was cut so it can be analysed further. Meanwhile, after an extensive analysis of the substance, it is easier to plan goals for future projects. For example, you can determine if you have to conduct additional testing or if you can start building or mining.

4. Customised Core Sizes

You want to have plenty of cores available when you are doing concrete core drilling. And the size you need will be contingent on the size of the hole that has to be bored. In some cases, it is recommended to have a hole two inches wide, while in other cases, it is better to have a larger hole. But unless you get advice from a professional core drilling company, you will not know the best size.

5. Cut Through Hard Surfaces

Since it is tipped with diamonds, drill bits can cut through hard materials such as concrete. Furthermore, it provides a smooth finish that other drill bits cannot achieve. And, it performs drills with enormous strength and certainly has a long lifespan.

6. High Accuracy

The construction site is littered with debris and dust. But you can mitigate this mess by utilising a diamond drill bit to drill holes on bricks, stones and thick glass. And the result is little debris and virtually no dust produced during the process.

7. Drill Faster

Diamond drill bits can work in almost any setting; it cuts through any surface speedily, whether it is concrete or marble. Moreover, this equipment combines speed and cleanliness.

8. Works Quietly

Even in the roughest and most demanding situations, a diamond drill bit produces little to no noise. Therefore, it allows you to work continuously without distracting other workers near you.

In many cases, construction projects require plenty of drilling. And doing so with minimal noise can be a considerable advantage to those who spend most of their time drilling and cutting through tough surfaces. And utilising a diamond drill enables you to work quietly with speed and efficiency.

9. Cost-Effective

Although core drill bits seem expensive since they utilise multiple layers of diamonds, they can last longer than other alternatives. And this makes them a cost-effective choice in the long term.

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