March 30, 2023

8 Different Places You Can Choose To Wear Leggings

Sustainable fashion has been taking precedence in recent years, and capsule wardrobes have emerged as a viable solution to reducing fashion-related waste. A capsule wardrobe is where you collect a few essential, evergreen items of clothing, which you can mix and match with seasonal pieces. So, for example, if you want to build your capsule wardrobe, you’ll benefit from owning a pair of classic black leggings.

Here’s how you can style your pair of leggings with different pieces of clothing to achieve completely different looks:


Airports can be a nightmare even on the best of days. The security line can push you to the brink of tears. Once you’re past that, the aeroplane can make you nauseous with its cramped spacing and artificially pressured air. You can make your day bearable by dressing right – chic and comfort being the keywords here. Along with your black leggings, wear a bright chambray shirt and tuck it in for that put-together look—layer a short sweater over it. Pull the look together with a pair of comfortable black boots. Carry a tote or a faux-leather backpack for your essentials.

Formal Luncheon

Formal luncheons are occasions which demand you to dress in smart casuals. Look sharp by pairing your black leggings with black thigh-high boots, a white linen shirt and a striped sweater over it. Finish the look with a boxy suede handbag.

Winter Brunch

Staying warm is the key on crisp winter days. Wearing thermo-fleece leggings is a good idea. In addition, wear a soft grey turtleneck sweater and carry a grey cloth handbag. Complete the look with a woollen coat, and if the day looks rainy, substitute with a black trench coat.

Date Night

Look super cute on your date night with a flirty, well-fitted tunic or dress over your leggings. Pick light coloured ankle boots or heels that complement the dress. Carry a black wicker handbag for a casual yet chic look.

Shopping Day

If you plan to be out shopping all day, wear your leggings with sneakers. -Then, slip on a classic white tee, and pastel silk stole or scarf. Carry a big tote bag for all your goodies, and also carry a portable utility jacket to be able to face any weather.

Day Out At The Park

If you have to be outdoors for an event, wear your black leggings with flats or comfortable moccasins. Layer it with an oversized sweater and accessorise with a statement necklace. Carry a sturdy hat if you expect it to be sunny outside. Complete the look with a pastel faux-leather body bag or satchel that can carry your sunscreen lotion.

Fancy Dinner

Don’t cast aside your black leggings as a piece of casual outfit unsuited for formal occasions. Instead, pair it with a classic white shirt, strappy heels, and a flannel coat tied chicly at the waist. Carry a statement clutch, and accessorise with elegant jewellery.

If you plan on shifting to a capsule wardrobe lifestyle, a pair of well-made leggings is a piece of clothing you cannot miss. There are many styles and variants among black leggings – such as matte finish, glossy finish, high-waisted, low-waisted and even ones with pockets (yes, pockets).

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