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6 Benefits Of Collagen Powder You Should Know

6 Benefits Of Collagen Powder You Should Know

by Alsion Lurie

The collagen produced naturally in your body is vital for bone and joint health. It is also responsible for making your skin soft and supple. Nearly one-third of the protein in your body is collagen, and as you age, the collagen production of your body reduces. Your skin loses its elasticity, and your joint health also deteriorates. Collagen powder supplements improve skin elasticity, prevent the deterioration of the cartilage in the joints and restore bone density in people suffering from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. It also stimulates the production of protein necessary for muscle growth. Some people believe that taking vitamin C with collagen supplements can boost collagen production in the body.

Need for collagen

The tendons, ligaments, bones, muscles, skin, blood vessels, and other connective tissues have collagen in the form of protein. As you grow older, your collagen level decreases. Insufficient collagen results in

  • Stiffer tendons and ligaments
  • Wrinkles on the skin
  • Weak muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Gastrointestinal problems

The above conditions indicate that you need a collagen-rich diet or a supplement.

Different forms of collagen supplements

Collagen pills are for people who don’t like to mix collagen powder with juice or water before consuming it. You can take a pill easily with a glass of water. Since capsules are smaller, you may have to take more of them to get the same amount of collagen as you would get from the supplement in powder form.

The most popular type of collagen supplement is collagen powder. You can either blend it with your smoothie or mix it with juice or water. The powders have collagen peptides. Collagen peptide is the best form of collagen for ingestion. When collagen is broken down into small peptides, it is easier for your body to digest it.

Benefits of taking collagen supplements

Strong bones

As you grow old, your bone density decreases, and bones become brittle. They can break easily and take longer to heal. Collagen supplements make your bones denser and prevent them from becoming brittle. They help in the growth of bones and keep you strong.

Better skin elasticity

Your skin needs collagen to be plump and youthful-looking. Age-related problems like reduced collagen and elastin production lead to wrinkles and sagging of the skin. With a supplement, your skin regains elasticity and firmness to look soft and supple.

Increased muscle mass

Collagen promotes the synthesis of muscle proteins and encourages muscle growth. Collagen peptides in collagen supplements contain non-essential amino acids that can increase muscle mass and muscle strength. It enhances muscle growth directly and increases lean body mass.

Reduced osteoarthritis pain

The essential building block of the joints is collagen because 90% of joint cartilage is made up of collagen. The cartilage in your joints is damaged by osteoarthritis, and the bones rub against each other. This rubbing results in pain and swelling. Collagen supplements improve joint mobility and reduce activity-related joint pain.

Healthier nails

Collagen fibres break down as you age, and the collagen demand of your body is not met. Lack of collagen makes the nails weak and cracks the nail beds. To revive the beauty and strength of your nails, you need a collagen supplement. It feeds the nail beds and promotes the growth of healthy nails.

Thicker hair

To maintain skin elasticity and a healthy scalp, you need collagen. It fortifies your scalp, improves follicle health, and boosts hair thickness. Healthy hair follicles result in healthy hair. It prevents age-related hair loss and makes hair thick and healthy by providing the building blocks that form hair.

Collagen supplements are sought after by many people who want to maintain youthful skin and healthy hair, bones, and nails. You should start taking supplements if you need dewy skin and pain-free joints.

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