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5 Tips for Purchasing Cosmetic Products That Every Makeup Artist Must Know

by Alsion Lurie

Working as a professional makeup artist can be a fulfilling job. It allows you to express your creative and artistic side while making other people look and feel beautiful. No wonder a lot of people dream of being an efficient makeup artist someday. Meanwhile, if you want to venture into this industry, you must invest in professional makeup products that you will use in your craft.

There are plenty of makeup and cosmetics products available in the market today. But since these items can be quite an investment, you need to make smart choices to ensure that you will never waste your resources on products that will not help you in your profession. So here are some of the essential tips that will help every professional makeup artist in purchasing products for their profession:

Tip #1: Evaluate and Analyse

When shopping for makeup products that you use in your profession, you need to select which niche you want to concentrate on. For example, you may want to work on editorial photoshoots, and it requires you to build a makeup kit that contains camera-tested makeup and cosmetics. Meanwhile, your kit must contain plenty of skin primers and products in a neutral shade if you want to be a bridal makeup expert.

So, once you find out the type of makeup artist you want to be, you can begin choosing professional makeup products that you can use for your clients. It will help you efficiently utilise your investments.

Tip #2: Pick Products Carefully

It is ideal to look for products with the best quality yet come in a reasonable price range. You also need to learn how to shop for cosmetic products that can complement every skin type and skin tone, especially if you will work with different clients all the time.

So, instead of getting individual cosmetics, you must invest in makeup palettes. There are plenty of blushes, eye shadows, and highlighters that can be more affordable when not charged per piece. It will also help make it a lot easier for you to organise your makeup kit when preparing for a client.

Tip #3: Get Valuable Feedback

Since makeup products are usually expensive, you must always do your research first before spending any amount on them. So, check out what other people say about makeup. Also, it would be best to listen to the advice of makeup experts to know which ones are worthy of your money.

You may also join various groups composed of professional makeup artists on social media to discuss the products you plan to purchase. Again, these insights can be helpful for beginners.

Tip #4: Purchase in Bulk

You will save a lot of money if you buy wholesale products for your makeup kit. Items like cotton pads, wipes, and sponges are often used on all your makeup sessions, so always stock up on these tools before meeting your clients.

Wholesale purchases also let you have more items to use for your clients. For example, you can mix and match light and dark foundations to come up with a new shade. It will also let you have more choices when creating a new makeup style.

Tip #5: Invest in the Essentials

All professional makeup kits must include essential products. The list includes:

  • Skin prep products
  • Concealers
  • Foundation and contour palettes
  • Blush
  • Eye shadows and brow kits
  • Eyeliner and mascara
  • Lip liners and lipsticks
  • Setting powders

It is also best to find the right brushes and sponges for better makeup application.

Professional makeup stylists need to invest in the best cosmetics for their craft. So, if you want to venture into this exciting career, keeping all these tips in mind will help you succeed in the professional makeup industry.

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